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Social Housing Repairs & Maintenance

Bell Group provides social housing repair and maintenance services in partnership with over 130 Housing Associations across the UK, amounting to approximately 50% of our turnover.

Social Housing Maintenance

Having worked in the social housing sector for over 30 years, we understand the importance of delivering an excellent maintenance service that focuses on Resident Engagement, Value for Money, and Social Value. We successfully complete repair and maintenance works to around 300,000 social housing properties across the UK per annum. We work across a multitude of property types, ranging from shared and individual houses to high-rise flats, in rural areas, busy city centres and everything in between.

Our Social Housing Repairs & Maintenance

Bell offer a full spectrum of property services including planned and project works in Painting, Roofing, Flooring, Passive and Active Fire Protection, Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements, Multi-Disciplinary Fabric Upgrades, Retrofit and Energy Services and Response and Void Maintenance Contracts, delivered by expert directly employed teams across the UK.

Qualified Social Housing Contractors

We are constantly trying to improve the service that we provide to our clients and that means continuously evaluating what we do. We understand that each contract we enter in to is a partnership and are proud of the relationships we have built over the last 30 years with clients, such as Sanctuary Housing, Riverside Scotland, Places for People, Livewest, MHS Homes, Gentoo Group, Derby Homes, Plymouth Community Homes and many more.

Collaborative Community Commitment

Our commitment to working in collaboration with our clients to deliver an excellent service, that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of clients remain at the heart of our business.

Our current focus is on developing well paid green jobs within the communities’ people live. We aim to establish and develop a local workforce and supply chain to ensure local communities benefit from the work we do.

We believe in true representation and want our workforce to reflect the communities we work in. We prioritise direct and local employment, minimising the use of subcontractors to specialist areas only. Our recruitment strategy focuses on engaging all individuals, removing as many potential barriers as possible. All employees are enrolled in a robust training and development plan where their individual needs, requirements and desires are identified and addressed.

We work closely with our suppliers to maximise the positive impact our work has on each local community. We work with local people to set up their own businesses, obtain accreditations and support the ongoing training of their staff. We also work closely with existing SMEs to build and develop their knowledge and skills. Many of our subcontractors have grown alongside us, reinvesting money into their local area.

Ultimately, we want to help create places people want to live and go to lengths to ensure our staff understand this objective: creating a warm home rather than fixing a boiler, keeping a house wind and watertight rather than painting a window.



Social Housing Repairs putting Residents First

We pride ourselves in providing an unrivalled customer care experience, that incorporates the varying needs of residents and wider communities. As 70% of our works are in or around occupied properties we are well versed in effective communication. We tailor our service to minimise resident disruption with consistent and timely communications at the centre of every project.

We implement a robust and comprehensive Resident Liaison Service to ensure all resident groups, including vulnerable and those who are hard-to-reach, are engaged and aware of the extent of the works taking place throughout. CLOs from part of our wider Resident Liaison Team (RLT) which includes a cross section of our employees (training in customer care, equality & diversity and health & safety measures) to provide all-encompassing support to residents and other stakeholders such as neighbours and carers.

We ensure our communications are easily accessible for all residents in a range of formats, including braille, audible and multiple language.

We are continually improving the service we provide to residents and look for innovative ways to communicate with stakeholders. Some examples include community days, coffee mornings, DIY days, leaflets, text messaging, noticeboards, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Furthermore, our workforce is trained in Customer Care, Equality & Diversity, and property protection to ensure we provide the highest levels of service.

Positive Impacts of Our Social Housing Work

Our dedication to always doing what is right and not what is easy, is something we are proud of and something that we believe sets us apart from other contractors. As a family-owned business, we believe a marker of success is achieved through community investment and the involvement of local people. Our social value strategy focuses on the societal issues that are a natural fit with our business, unemployment, inspiring young people, social inclusion, community regeneration and environmental issues.

Our Community Engagement Coordinators (CECs) sole purpose is to deliver tangible benefits in the communities in which we work. Each CEC forms a crucial link between our team, our clients, and their residents, to provide a positive impact. From the start of each contract, they are eager to collaborate with our clients to create social value, from volunteering to providing meaningful employment and training opportunities.

Likewise, our successful apprentice recruitment programme, which has seen us recently recruit our 1500th apprentice, enables us to provide development opportunities to ensure each Apprentice becomes an established member of our team. To provide an example, 3 of our Directors started as Apprentices.

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