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Around 40% of our current turnover relates specifically to our activities working in the social housing sector therefore we have vast experience in providing a second-to-none customer care service and dealing with a variety of resident needs, which we consider to be of vital importance to guarantee the success of any project. We have formal partnership agreements with over 100 housing associations throughout the UK, which does not take into consideration the many more contract agreements we have with RSL clients from the Highlands and Islands down to the South Coast of England.

Our work in collaboration with our RSL clients covers internal and external repair, redecoration and refurbishment of many dwellings types in many different settings.

Based on our excellent performance, dedication to customer care, management, best value, service and evident continuous improvement, we have not lost a partnership throughout the whole of the UK.

Our Community Engagement Officers form a crucial link between our team, our clients and their customers, and are eager to co-ordinate community events wherever possible. Our CEC’s are committed to the well being and satisfaction of residents and are available by telephone, email and in person. We aim to involve residents at all stages of the contract ensuring the residents’ ‘voice’ is heard at all stages. We look for innovative for ways to communicate with residents to ensure the inclusion of all stakeholders including community days, coffee mornings, DIY days, leaflets, noticeboards and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). We consider all aspects of our service provision to ensure equality and diversity. Our staff and operatives are trained in Customer Care, E&D (including Understanding Religious Beliefs) and Property Protection. We consider resident requirements prior to starting work on site in collaboration with our clients.  Thereafter we are able to implement measures to address their needs, for example we often translate written and spoken communication through a translator or through our partnership with Language line for those for whom English is not their first language, provide large text for the hard of sight and braille for the blind.

We believe our work should leave a legacy in the communities in which we work, therefore we seek opportunities to contribute to the local community wherever possible. Our enthusiastic Community Engagement Officers are experienced in Community Involvement and supportive measures.

We have worked in over 200,000 homes in the last year.


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