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Asset Management

Refined Asset Management for Enhanced Value

Our asset management service offers a streamlined approach, focusing on enhancing the value of built assets through strategic long-term planning and advanced technology. We provide a full spectrum of maintenance services, integrating data insights with a commitment to local sourcing and client communication, ensuring high satisfaction and compliance within a digital-first framework.


We Deliver Full Asset Management Contracts

For 4 of our largest customers, we deliver full asset management contracts. These are customers who have bought into our knowledge and delivery capability to take a longer-term view on upgrade and ongoing maintenance of their Built Assets. On these projects which stretch from London to the Central Belt of Scotland our teams are responsible for understanding the clients long term objectives, the building users’ needs and designing Response, Void, Capital Expenditure, Cyclical, Disrepair and Energy Efficiency programmes to meet their needs.

Our asset management contracts are between 10 and 25 years to allow for a more strategic approach to developing building user satisfaction and quality-built assets. The key to success on these projects is through embracing a strong CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system. By integrating our software with our clients’ assets and creating a best-in-class system we are able to create a centralised platform for all stakeholders to operate on, providing live data for all, a strong communications platform and an open book for building users to understand the status of work and future plans for the buildings.

Our qualified and experienced teams carry out electrical, plumbing, heating, gas and multi-trade works for clients in the Social Housing, Ministry of Defence and Commercial sectors ensuring their reactive requirements are met within the set timescales. Our teams also carry out PPM works for many of our clients, ensuring complete compliance with all statutory obligations.

We are fully accredited with a plethora of associations: click here to view our accreditations

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Our approach to delivering Statutory and Mandatory Compliance is based upon:

  • Data-driven asset understanding, enabling efficient planning, scheduling, and increasingly evidence/assurance of asset health and compliance.
  • Proven capability underpinning planning, execution, analysis and improvement.
  • Technology and training enabling more efficient, effective tests/inspections with comprehensive, assured data capture at source.

We recognise that Statutory and Mandatory compliance is the foundation of ensuring Occupant and wider public safety. Our experience in building maintenance from large-scale social housing with prior history of neglect, through to heritage buildings which long pre-date concepts of health and safety give us a breadth of experience in applying standards and identifying weaknesses and non-compliance.

We are a digital first and data driven business and utilise technology to create asset management contract efficiencies and enhanced service delivery through seamless integration with client IT system and real-time sharing of data.

Our teams use real-time data from reactive and voids works to understand how client assets are performing. Analysis is performed to identify trends in this data, with a view to shaping planned programmes for upcoming years.

When choosing material suppliers, we use a ‘Think Local’ approach, ensuring our supply-chain, where possible, consists of local businesses from a 15–20-mile radius of our works. This approach not only ensures we attain components at short notice, meeting priority timescales and/or any unforeseen works, but also contributes to local economies and development.

Fundamentally, customers remain at the heart of everything we do. We value open and transparent communications and understand the importance the Customer’s Voice plays in achieving successful. We believe our exceptional care is a direct result of our 30 years’ experience, commitment to customer care and providing a reliable service which meets individual needs and are proud to report customer satisfaction scores of 98% across our business.

We take time to understand local demographics and community needs during mobilisation and ensure effective ongoing customer communication. We ensure customers remain fully informed at all stages of our works and implement a comprehensive suite of communications ranging from online appointment scheduling and update text messages, to chat functions via our website and call centre staff available for queries or amendments. We seek and listen to customer comments and views and strive to involve customers in setting standards and monitoring performance.

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