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Void Property Management

Our void property management team delivers on average 600 live voids per month, undertaking works from kitchen & bathroom replacements, flooring, painting & decorating, 5 star gas and Planned Maintenance Programmes for electrical compliance work for rentals and social housing.

We understand the importance of adhering to set timescales to minimise void rental loss. Our solution for meeting individual client timescales and KPIs includes the use of comprehensive IT systems to manage all aspects of planning, resourcing, quality and tracking to completion of all void projects.

Our direct delivery model and experienced management team are designed to address the specific needs of each client and contract. We utilise our expertise of delivering void works nationally, to meet agreed timescales through:

  • Early liaison with suppliers.
  • Assignment of local and competent engineers.
  • Robust daily, weekly and monthly communication at all levels of our team.
  • Operate and maintain a detailed programme of work with critical path items for new void property and all properties with ‘work in progress’ monitored regularly across all voids to ensure consistent high quality.
  • Implement rigorous ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accredited procedures.
  • Maintain sufficient stock of common materials/parts.
  • Regular review of risks onsite.
  • Daily and Weekly review of resource requirements to ensure adherence to client timescales.
  • Stringent monitoring of specialist subcontractors when engaged.

Our management teams are well versed in utilising shared portals to ensure real time sharing of information, including succinct pre-commencement programmes, daily dashboard for progression of works that can drill down to an individual order, KPI trackers.


Rental Void Management

Bell Group’s void service for rental properties is designed to efficiently manage and reduce the duration of void periods, enhancing the value and appeal of rental properties. Void periods represent a significant challenge for landlords, marking times when properties are unoccupied and not generating income. Effective management of these periods involves preparing properties for new tenants, conducting necessary repairs, maintenance, and ensuring compliance with housing regulations to attract and retain tenants more quickly.

The efficient management of voids is essential for sustainable neighbourhoods and effective asset management, as prolonged vacancies can attract unwanted behaviour and lead to increased dilapidation costs. Employing a dedicated voids team with multi-trade skills can streamline the preparation process, ensuring properties are fit for new residents promptly. Pre-void inspections help in identifying necessary repairs and maintenance, enabling a quicker turnaround. Utilizing technology and software for repairs and maintenance management can further enhance the efficiency of void management, allowing for better planning and coordination of work required to make properties habitable again​​.


Social Housing Void Management

Void maintenance in social housing is a critical component of housing management, aiming to minimise the time properties remain vacant between tenancies to ensure they are quickly re-let to new tenants. Effective void management in social housing not only addresses the need for timely repairs and refurbishments but also ensures properties meet safety and habitability standards, contributing to the overall well-being of communities and the efficient use of housing stock.

Key strategies for managing voids in social housing include conducting thorough pre-void inspections to assess and plan necessary work, employing skilled multi-trade teams to carry out repairs and refurbishments efficiently, and utilising software for better coordination and management of maintenance tasks. These measures help in identifying the scope of work early on and ensure a swift turnaround.

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