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Active Fire Protection

Understanding Active Fire Protection Systems

Active Fire Protection (AFP) refers to systems that actively work to extinguish or control a fire in the event it occurs. These systems include fire alarms, sprinklers, and other fire suppression systems that detect fire or smoke and then act to alert occupants and combat the fire. AFP is designed to assist in the safe evacuation of occupants, minimize fire damage, and provide critical response measures that can operate automatically or with human intervention during a fire emergency.


Our BAFE (British Approvals For Fire Equipment) And BAFSA (British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association) Qualified Teams Deliver A Full Range Of Active Fire Protection Services

  • Fire Detection Systems – Installation of fire detection systems and devices which detect heat, smoke and flames to alert buildings occupants in the event of a fire.  We specialise in offering the design, installation & servicing of all systems including Conventional, wireless & radio or addressable systems using industry leading technology to protect building user, resident, and premises. All works all fully installed and commissioned to BAFE Standards.
  • Fire & Smoke Dampeners– For both dampers contain fusible links or those that are linked to the active fire detection system, our engineers specialise in the Survey, Verification, Design, installation and Servicing of systems. Much like any active or passive product, components can become worn or malfunction therefore, as critical components within a buildings fire protection system, it is imperative that existing fire dampers are well maintained and regularly tested.   Our certified technicians are trained in the latest fire damper regulations. Using BS9999:2017 works are undertaken to ensure buildings are safe by limiting the spread of fire and smoke between departments.
  • AOV (Automated Opening Vent) installation- As required by law, an AOV systems will help delay flashover and keep escape routes free from smoke permitting safe and controlled egress for building users and access for the fire brigade. Be it fire dampers, louvre, vents, or windows we offer BAFE Accredited design, testing and installation services with all solutions compiling to the regulatory standards.
  • Fire Sprinkler & Mist systems – Our expertise with both Sprinkler and Misting systems allow us to offer a fully designed versatile & highly efficient solution to almost any challenge by offering a wide range of suppression systems nationwide.


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