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What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting buildings involves upgrading existing structures to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This process includes installing modern technologies, such as insulation and energy-efficient systems, to improve a building’s environmental performance without requiring a complete reconstruction.

Retrofitting and decarbonisation is UK policy

In November 2020 the government’s election manifesto committed to a new £3.8 billion Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) over ten years from 2021/22, focused on supporting housing providers to renovate their stock up to a standard equivalent to EPC C by 2030

The SHDF aims to deliver warm, energy-efficient homes, reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills, tackle fuel poverty, and support green jobs.

PAS2030 and 2035 Trustmark Accredited Contractor

A fabric first strategy underpins all the various government fundings strategies. The approach is a core principle of the “PAS 2035 Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency; specification and guidance” 6 standards, to maximise comfort and bill savings for tenants and to maximise the home’s suitability for low carbon heating either now or in the future.

We are an experienced PAS2030 and Trustmark accredited contractor in the UK, a founding member of NHDG (National Home Decarbonisation Group) and a member of GLA (Greater London Authority) Retrofit Accelerator. Our experienced and knowledgeable teams work closely with our clients across the UK including major urban cities such as London, Edinburgh, and Belfast to develop decarbonisation investment strategies and design solutions aligned with their specific climate goals and PAS2035 principles.

Accredited Retrofit Assessors & Coordinators

As early adopters of PAS2035, we trained our staff to become some of the first qualified Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators in the sector. Additionally, we followed the principles of PAS2035 prior to its introduction as part of the ERDF-funded Energiesprong programmes. Our in-house team of Retrofit Managers (L2 Retrofit qualified), Assessors, Coordinators (L5 Retrofit qualified) and Designers (L5 Retrofit qualified) and Tradespeople have completed projects in conjunction with Energiesprong, Net Zero in Operation and EnerPHIT giving us an unrivalled knowledge in deep retrofit as well the capability to deliver single measure programmes of work.

Our Operations Teams of Electricians, Roofers, Joiners, EWI Specialist and other trades remain responsible for ensuring all works are carried out to required standards having completed training and accreditation with the Retrofit Academy.

Retrofitting & Decarbonisation Process & Compliance

Partnering with clients on their journey to net zero, we devise a programme of works considering:

  • carbon reduction targets
  • maintenance strategy
  • depreciation of assets

Our bespoke, costed, and sequenced solutions enable our customers to spread the cost of energy improvement projects, whilst avoiding unintended increases in operating costs arising from poorly considered medium- and long-term programmes.

To manage the compliance process, we use specialist software and compliment this with a network of specialist retrofit designers whom we have worked with for many years. We offer clients a turnkey solution for complex whole house path C projects as well as path A and B projects.

We have the capability to undertake energy modelling in house and have a central team providing design management, energy modelling, retrofit assessment, coordination and evaluation. This coupled with our PAS 2030 and Trustmark accredited direct delivery model provides our clients with piece of mind that their funded project will be undertaken in a compliant manner providing piece of mind.

 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services

Full & Part Funded Social Housing Decarbonising & Retrofitting Experts

We are experienced in delivering fully and partly funded energy efficiency programmes for social housing providers and our team are conversant with funding streams that can be used to deliver or enhance a scheme including SHDF2 and ECO4 funding.

We are aware of the challenges and restrictions around ECO4 funding and what measures it applies to within a given project. Our team have successfully managed several projects with ECO funding to maximise the draw down of funding and minimise client obligation.

Our PAS2035 and Trustmark accredited systems provide a fully transparent paperwork trail to ensure demonstration of compliance of each measure with Trustmark in adherence with funding stipulations.

Our decarbonisation specialists continually monitor changes in available funding from both government and private sources that can represent considerable contributions to a scheme. In addition to Government and Energy Provider funding we work with an established private partner who specialises in climate change investment to accelerate the transition to net zero. This has proven to be an excellent alternative for our clients; we have used a Bell fund for our clients to draw down the money needed to bring their properties up to EPC bands A-C since early 2022.


 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services
 | Retrofitting & Energy Services

Technology led decarbonisation experts

  • We were early adopters of installing under floor insulation with robots on our ZEBCat and Energiesprong pilot programmes
  • We worked with IoT providers to develop a bespoke monitoring solution and industry leading providers to explore how AI and phase change materials can be used in the retrofit model to eradicate fuel poverty
  • We are also working with specialist providers to develop new products with lower embedded carbon as well as developing off site faced and energy pod solutions

Retrofit data security

Retrofit programmes generate a significant amount of sensitive personal data from their inception, through delivery and into a post completion monitoring cycle.

Keeping information safe is of paramount importance and we have invested heavily in this area to provide our clients and investors with piece of mind.

We are a Cyber Essentials Plus approved organisation and have worked closely with leading specialist in this area to develop a future proofed shared data platform that integrates seamlessly with our existing applications and infrastructure. We utilise a data sharing platform built with distributed ledger technology, which solves the challenges around data sharing, governance, privacy and security. This platform allows all parties involved in the project to share and access the data they need to undertake their role in a secure environment. This industry leading approach ensures information is encrypted and decentralised protecting it at the highest possible level of security available.


 | Retrofitting & Energy Services

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