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GLA Retrofit Accelerator Programme


The GLA Retrofit Accelerator Programme is a £10 billion 10-year framework, utilising Energiesprong principles.

Bell are one of four partners on this collaborative UK wide framework. Our first project under the framework is for Sanctuary Housing Group. The prototype phase is whole house retrofit of fourteen 1950’s bungalows utilising the following technology and scope:

• Ground Source Heat Pump with shared bore hole for heat and hot water.
• Solar PV and battery storage
• Localised MVHR
• Windows & Doors (Triple glazing)
• External Wall insulation
• QBOT underfloor insulation
• Upgraded loft insulation
• IoT enabled monitoring and management platform (IERS)
• Rectification of existing building defects
• Replacement roof covering
• External remedial works.

The prototype phase will be completed in April 2023, and we are due to commence the pilot phase (120 units) of the programme in March 2023. This phase refines the design solution from the prototype and leads a programme to retrofit the 1000+ units in Torbay over the remaining period of the framework. Bell are responsible for design, performance and installation to achieve nZEB.

Bell has a wealth of experience in the property refurbishment and retrofit sector. Our approach is a collaborative solution-based service working with clients to develop solutions that benefit their residents and achieve the outcomes they are looking for.

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