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As the last trade to leave, our finish is your client's first impression.


Our Company

Our business is built on true family values and whilst maintaining our position as market leader, we still remain a family-owned and operated organisation.

Over the last 30 years we have successfully built an encompassing branch structure that covers every square mile of the UK. Each of our 30 branches operate on a local level with local personnel and management teams to provide our clients with a tailored service suited to their business, customers and local community. Our branch teams and clients are supported by the senior managers, systems and processes and technical resources our national organisation provides.

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The Foundation

The George and Annette Bell Foundation aims to deliver a range of local and national projects including regeneration campaigns, education, training and employment opportunities, charitable and volunteering activities, providing support and the hand of friends to those that need it most.

Together Bell

This area is entirely dedicated to our employee’s welfare. Here you will find Wellbeing advice, important Health and Safety bulletins including Covid 19 updates as well as Company Competition details.
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In the community

Our Corporate & Social Responsibility Manager and Community Engagement Coordinators work extremely hard to provide social dividend to the communities we work in throughout the UK.

Their involvement in other collaborative contracts has brought huge value to the communities in which we are working and has been instrumental in forming remarkable relationships between our team and local residents.

Our latest case studies

We work with a wide range of clients across a number of sectors. Here are some examples of the projects Bell Group have been working on…