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Passive Fire

Understanding Passive Fire Protection: A Vital Safety Measure

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is essential in safeguarding lives and properties from fire, involving specialised measures designed to contain fires and slow their spread. As a leading FIRAS and IFC approved contractor and ASFP member, we provide national fire safety services including Fire Risk Assessments, and the installation of penetration seals, fire doors, cavity barriers, and compartmentation solutions. Our team, backed by rigorous training and significant experience, ensures compliance with the latest legislation and ASFP standards. This comprehensive approach to PFP, from assessment to installation, emphasises our commitment to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to enhance the safety and integrity of buildings against fire, making them safer for occupants and significantly reducing the risk of fire-related incidents.


National Fire Safety Services by FIRAS & IFC Approved Contractor and ASFP Member

In Passive Fire Protection, our team of skilled and experienced specialists provide a 360-degree service from Fire Risk Assessments to installation of products:

  • Penetration Seals (Fire Stopping)
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Installation of Timber Doors / Doorsets
  • Fire Door Remedials
  • Cavity Barriers
  • Installation of Composite Doorsets
  • Compartmentation Surveys

All our employees undergo rigorous training in line with the latest legislation; our installers have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and are FIRAS or IFC accredited. Our Compliance Surveyors hold ASFP L2/3, FIRAS, IFC, and Fire stopping inspection diplomas.  Furthermore, as a member of the ASFP we abide by their training standards, which have been integrated into our workforce training programme developed by our Training Manager.

Partnered Collaboration for Client-Centric Solutions with Unmatched Passive Fire Standards and Compliance

We can offer advice on several different procurement routes through frameworks such as Efficiency East Midlands (EEM), Fusion 21, Westworks, Advantage Southwest (ASW) and The Hyde Group. These frameworks provide our clients with a quick and efficient method of procurement avoiding lengthy and sometimes costly procurement exercises.

To further develop our Fire Protection Engineers, we have a purpose-built in-house training centres where new and existing staff are trained to the relevant regulations and installation method. This enables all of Bell Group’s employees attend to gain further knowledge of product installation, methods of compartmentation etc and includes practical training where Fire Protection engineers carry out installations to provide first-hand experience.


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