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The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

Value: £125,000
Client: NHS Foundations Trust
Type of work: Passive Fire

The Project

Firestopping works on door frames followed by plastering and decoration of walls and Door Frames.

Removal of architraves.

Removal of any existing rockwool filling (which is on a small minority of door casings as most gaps are between 2-5mm)

Cut back existing packers to allow a 15mm Hilti CFSSSILCW fire sealant mastic bead

Apply Hilti fire foam CF-125-50 allowing for a 15mm Hilti mastic covering either side of door casing.

De nail, clean and refit architraves

Plastering of any damage on the walls

Decoration of plaster

Decoration of architraves using Dulux water-based satin.

The reoccurring challenge with this project is working in a live environment; we strive to ensure minimal disturbance and do what we can to ensure materials are delivered early morning and if feasible before properties were lived in, all products used were water based, to ensure low level of odour within the wards.

About NHS Foundations Trust

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals have been providing patient-centred healthcare to communities in the North East of England and beyond for over 250 years. They are one of the largest NHS trusts in the UK, offering a wider range of specialist services than any other.

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