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Over the past 20 years we have gained vast experience working on railway maintenance projects for various clients, such as Abellio and Great Western Railways.

Railway Maintenance

As a RISQS accredited contractor with over 20 years rail specific experience, we have demonstrated our competencies to meet the safe working practices required within the railway maintenance and infrastructure industry.

Owing to our extensive track record, we fully understand the challenges associated with working in live railway stations and have the infrastructure and trained employees to manage these. All members of our rail teams have PTS (Personal Track Safety) training and valid Sentinel cards, further demonstrating their technical competencies to undertake works in this specific environment.

We ensure the protection of the public, whilst minimising disruption to each station.

All railway maintenance and infrastructure works are assessed to identify key risks, and volume of passengers to ensure works can be undertaken safely.  As many stations remain open to the public during our works, we ensure close collaboration with our clients to programme and segregate works to safeguard passengers and minimise disruption. all materials and equipment are set up and dismantled within specific times for each station to suit passenger movements.  We are well versed in obtaining and operating line block permits and possession for works to provide a safe, traffic-free worksite for all railway maintenance to be undertaken. Where the volume of users does not allow for safe or efficient working during daytime hours, we utilise night shift teams to complete works out of hours without interruption to station users.

Our works in the railway sector has involved working on numerous listed stations of either historical or architectural interest.

Within our Rail sector projects we have worked closely with clients such as ScotRail and Great Western Rail to maintain the look and integrity buildings of historical importance and of listed building status. These require special programming and consideration to maintain their distinctive character. We ensure close liaison with local heritage officers and our clients to establish detailed specifications that often differ from standard branding.

Care is also taken to minimise any environmental impact our works might have. During site surveys we identify if any nests have been established, where buffer zones are required to be marked out and if work around the area needs to be suspended during the sensitive breeding period.

We maintain long term contracts with some of the largest Rail provider and maintenance companies based in the UK, so our team of railway maintenance and infrastructure contractors are well-versed in matters regarding different projects to support on the needs at hand.

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