Our Sectors:

Throughout the UK we carry out work for 28 different NHS Trusts on a continuous basis from year to year, amounting to a value of approximately £4.3 million per annum. We are an Estates Business Agency list of approved contractors and have worked in major hospitals throughout the UK including those in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath and London.

Our work for clients in the Healthcare sector range in value from £1000- £1,000,000 and cover full refurbishment and property maintenance, including; joinery repairs, kitchen and bathroom replacement, flooring, furniture fitting, ceilings, electrical works, fire upgrades, painting and decorating to communal areas, theatres, wards, staff quarters, kitchens, canteens, residential blocks and clinics. Movement of equipment is increasingly being carried out by our team members, which enables our clients to cut costs by decreasing the need for porters.

We also carry out maintenance painting and decoration works within smaller clinics and care homes. For instance, our collaborative agreements with BMI Healthcare, Voyage Care, Priory Group, Four Seasons Healthcare and Priory, have been worth approximately £1,800,000 to our group per annum since 2001 and the work covers all areas of the UK.

We understand the importance time and costs play within the work we carry out and ensure they are considered at every stage of our service provision.

Our Pricing and Management staff stay abreast of up to date product information through close liaison with specialist manufacturers and suppliers to the industry, to provide our clients with the best value solutions to their needs.

Our experienced and substantial presence within the industry means we are able to offer clients timely proposals of any size, which can be fully resourced at short notice. We understand the difficulties of maintenance in the Healthcare sector and aim to make the procurement and execution of works an easy process from start to finish.

£4.3 Million per annum in the Healthcare sector alone


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