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Wrexham Borough Council

Value: £4,350,000
Client: Wrexham Borough Council

Project Description

Approximately 300 empty properties (voids) unfit for occupation requiring extensive refurbishment before release to tenants in and around North wales. The time critical nature of the service required close regular collaboration between ourselves, the incumbent subcontractor we managed in parallel to our direct labour and Wrexham Borough Council (WBC) operational staff.

Type of works

This included:

  • Repairs include plumbing, carpentry, plasterwork and other finishes, repairs
  • Vacant properties (VOIDS) void cleaning, clearance and redecorating and waste disposal
  • Electrical upgrades and tests.
  • Pluming upgrades
  • Heating and boilers replacements.
  • Redecoration

Time critical delivery

It was vital we support the Client in the quick turnaround targets they operated to. During weekly collaborative planning sessions with the Client we received their rollin list of void property’s that would need a joint survey with ourselves and a representative from WBC to establish the extent of the works needed. This shared approach to surveys ensured the appropriate resource was consistently ringfenced for delivery of the service and mitigated against unexpected demand spikes, ensuring we continuously maintained programme.

Supporting the Welsh economy

Bell prides itself on delivering our services using local resources. It strengthens and supports local economies and ensures our teams are inherently invested in achieving positive outcomes for our clients. In addition to our management expertise and directly employed operatives we:

  • Maintained the incumbent local subcontractor
  • Purchased all materials locally
  • Deployed an apprentice in support of local vocational community benefits targets.

This locally focused approach assured successful programme delivery within the required timescales through weekly collaborative planning exercises while maintaining our own and that of the Client’s commitment to local employment and investment.

About Wrexham Borough Council

Wrexham County Borough Council is the governing body for a local government principal area in North Wales with a population of nearly 135,000 inhabitants. Their housing association provides access to social housing for residents including houses and flats making adjustments for families and vulnerable adults with complex needs.

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