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Pitville Pump Rooms

Value: £33,546.00
Client: Cheltenham Borough Council

The Project

We were invited by Cheltenham Borough Council to tender for the external redecoration and repairs to Pittville Pump Rooms Cheltenham and successfully secured the scheme in late June 2018.

The works involves the external redecoration of Windows, doors, metal railings, air duct grilled, vent piped, rainwater goods, and any other previously painted surfaces.

Type of works

  • Windows & Doors Prepare all surfaces and repair defects with a two-pack proprietary epoxy resin filler; renew all mastic seals to frame/masonry abutments, replace any defective glazing putty
  • Metal railings. Redecorate with two coats of ‘Sandtex 365 All Weather’ exterior solvent borne undercoat and gloss paint system as specified by Cheltenham Borough Council.
  • Air duct grilled – Wash with fungicidal wash, removal of all defects and abrade fully, apply one coat of rust stabiliser and two coats of Hammarite Black smooth metal paint, bring forward bare metal with additional coats.
  • Rendered Surfaces – Preparations, application of suitable stabilising solution and allow minimum drying time of 16 hours in normal drying conditions. Bring forward the stabilised areas with one coat of permeable masonry paint as specified. redecorate specified areas by the client with 2 coats of Dulux weather shield.
  • Rainwater goods – Prepare all wrought ironwork by brush to remove all rust, flaking paint and surface defects, abrade to smooth finish with glass paper applying the appropriate metal filler where required. Clean all surfaces, allow to dry and finally remove any rust staining with paint thinner.


About Cheltenham Borough Council

Cheltenham Borough Council is the local authority for Cheltenham, they are split into 20 wards, with a total of 40 councillors elected to serve.

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