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Rebranding; ensuring its always a full house!

Value: £450,000
Client: Gala Leisure

The Project

Gala Leisure are going through a re-branding and renaming programme, changing from Gala Bingo to Buzz Bingo, which has involved internal redecoration to all of their Bingo halls to ensure that they now represent the new brand.

We completed works at 42 sites across the UK, which included internal redecoration to the main hall, book sales, reception, food halls, bar area and arcade – quite a transformation!  The majority of works were carried out during normal working hours but certain areas of the project were completed in the early hours of the morning when the club was shut, to minimise disruption to customers and staff.

All 42 clubs on the re-branding programme came with a tight timescale, to fit in with Gala Leisure’s requirements, each club also had new signage fitted during the last week of the project.

About Gala Leisure

We’re proud to stand out from the rest. We’ve got over 100 clubs across the country, we’ve got, but it’s our customers that makes Buzz Bingo exceptional. Without you, there’d be no us. Right now, the Buzz Bingo community is home to over 1 million players, and it’s growing by the day. Big communities mean big prizes. We give away millions of pounds in huge Bingo jackpots every single week.

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