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Leadership: How to keep your team engaged while they work from home

10 months ago by Bell Group

Ensure you provide your team regular business updates

With many people having some degree of anxiety about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects both the business they work for and their job role, it’s important to provide regular updates detailing the actions being taken and what actions they must take.

If left in the dark a team member will start to form their own conclusions and potentially distract them from their role.


A good leader needs to ensure their team is motivated whilst working from home. Key areas to consider:

  • A leader needs to set a good example
  • Make the job a little more interesting by introducing short term competitions
  • Provide reward and recognition
  • Staying positive
  • Provide real focus and direction
  • Regular feedback

Introduce Video Conferences

Its important for your team to see you and each other. This helps maintain team spirit but also allows you to gauge how they are dealing with the situation.

Visual ques are a key form of communication and are important to pass on positive messages and keep team moral high.

Stay in touch

Regular contact with your team is a must and you should encourage them to stay in contact with each other too. Many individuals won’t be used to working in isolation so having that outlet will help their energy levels and mental wellbeing.

Its also important to have some non-work related conversation during these calls to fill the void isolation may bring.

Encourage Breaks and normal working hours

Encourage your team to follow Government guidelines and get out once a day for a brief walk, run or cycle. This will help get them out of the house for some fresh air and improve their energy levels.

A good leader will share the steps they are taking with their team.

Don’t Micromanage

No leader should micromanage. During this period, you need to allow your team to carry on with the job at hand without monitoring every move they make. Try to stay true to your normal working methods as best as you can, otherwise your team will feel there is a lack of trust, potentially causing demotivation.

Be Human

Your team’s safety and their family’s safety are priority No1 during the pandemic. Ensure you are checking in with them and are appreciative of their wider situation, such as how the pandemic is affecting their partner or children etc.

A good leader will offer support wherever they can.

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