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Keeping the oldest surviving restaurant in Glasgow at its best!

Value: £5,500
Client: Rogano

The project

The Rogano ceiling was painted with a faux paint finish that was very popular during the Art Deco period. The finish is a classic treatment of beige and cream, a couple of shades apart, that produce an interesting marbled, ethereal, cloudy texture that was indicative of the period. Unfortunately, the ceiling had suffered severe damage due to water ingress and therefore required extensive restoration.

George Campbell is one of Bell Group’s most experienced painters, he is a master of various techniques and can create imaginative illusions with sophisticated faux finishes that will have you wondering what is real and what is not!

The damaged substrate was hand prepped by scraping back the loose paint to create a perfectly smooth surface. Scraped areas were then filled with Gyprok easy sand and lightly hand sanded to produce a seamless substrate.

The ceiling was treated with a coat of Zinzer Bin Primer, George then carried out various samples to ensure he had a perfect colour match. This was a complicated process as he had to  identify the correct colour combination of base coat and top glaze to produce the correct final result. Once the initial preparatory work was complete, two coats of Acrylic Eggshell were  applied to the ceiling .

Only then was the area ready for the decorative finish. George worked on two metre square sections at a time, a clear Polyvine Acrylic scumble glaze water was applied to each area,  the darker veins were then hand painted to create a soft marbling effect and finally the area was softened, stippled and blended to produce the desired faux paint finish.

 | Keeping the oldest surviving restaurant in Glasgow at its best!
 | Keeping the oldest surviving restaurant in Glasgow at its best!

About Rogano

In 1935, as the great Cunard liner 'Queen Mary' took shape on the Clyde, a restaurant was refitted in the same Art Deco style and a Glasgow legend was born. With its unique 1930's ambience, Rogano is the oldest surviving restaurant in Glasgow. For over seventy five years its chefs have dedicated themselves to the delicate art of cooking and serving the finest fish and seafood in the world from Scottish waters. For all its inimitable style, and its local clientele, Rogano is a friendly place,with a special welcome for the traveller, being perfectly situated with close proximity to the city's most elegant shops and many of its leading cultural venues.

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