In the environment

Our Organisation has been pioneering in adopting Sustainability, and in particular environmental protection, as a core element of our corporate strategy, which through monitoring, review and control has become an integral element of all business activities. Inherently, our senior management;

• accepts responsibility for complying with all relevant environmental legislation;
• is committed to the recognised waste management practices of source reduction, reuse, recycling, resource recovery and environmentally safe residue disposal; and
• is committed to continually improving our environmental performance through implementation, monitoring and review of Company policies, programmes, services and Key Performance Indicators.

We operate a comprehensive Environmental Management System aligned with ISO 14001 standard containing policies, procedures and targets relevant to environmental issues specific to our organisation, including;

• Sourcing of products and materials
• Use of chemicals
• Managing our suppliers
• Purchase, maintenance and use of vehicles
• Hire, purchase and maintenance of plant and equipment
• Waste management
• Recycling
• Carbon footprint
To achieve our Company aims and Environmental targets, we have established arrangements and responsibilities, managed by our HS&E Director and implemented, communicated and controlled by Our Environmental Coordinator Group. Information is effective disseminated throughout all levels of the Organisation utilising our Group training plan.
We aim to maximise our Social, Economic and Environmental impact within the communities we work in.

Environmental Commitments

• We commit to deploying local skilled tradespeople and suppliers.
• We seek to reduce consumption and waste.
• We work closely with our clients and customers to encourage best environmental practice on each and every project.
• We promote the use of recycled materials.
• We utilise energy saving technologies and adopt energy saving practices.
• We work with our suppliers to specify the most environmentally friendly materials.
• We invest in equipment and methodology that reduces overall consumption.
• Continuously developing our Environmental Core Training.
• We operate a segregation of waste system at Branch and site locations.
• Our vehicle policy considers all elements of environmentally ethical operations.
• We are committed to paperless office.
• We collaborate with a number of organisations for recycling of materials.
• We have implemented a UK wide policy on zero waste to landfill.
• We maintain a Register and assess the significance of Environmental Issues.
• We produce an annual carbon footprint report.